Teen Program (18 and Under):

Minnesota has what we refer to as a 30 and 6 requirement; meaning 30 hours of classroom driver education and 6 hours of Behind-The-Wheel driver training are required before someone can be tested for a driver’s license. Our program consists of the following:


*No Pre-Registration is needed for class! Feel free to stop in a few minutes prior to the class you’d like to begin with, and we’ll get you registered and collect payment at that time. We accept cash, debit and credit cards – sorry, no checks. Esse operates classroom lessons on a continuous basis, 4 nights a week, so that students can begin most anytime that fits their schedule. All year there is class offered from 6:00 P.M. to 9:10 P.M. Monday through Thursday. Each class runs for 3 hours. Each student must attend 10 classes (for 30 hours); 9 of them “lessons” days, the 10th day being one of review and testing. It is best, and easiest, if one can come 10 days straight, but not required. Upon successful completion of the classroom portion and registration for Behind-The-Wheel students are issued a “blue slip” which allows them to take the permit test at a state testing station. A student may start the classroom lessons when they are 14, but you must be 15 years old to take the permit test with a blue slip.


Behind-The-Wheel consists of 3 private lessons where students are picked up from home or school, trained for 2 hours, and returned home again. During the total of 6 hours of training, students will be practicing as many fundamentals of driving as possible. In addition, students are normally shown as many different types of driving situations as possible, including urban/ city situations. It is important to realize that most people in the metro area will find the need to drive downtown sooner or later. Please understand that after having 6 hours of training, some students are ready to be road tested and some are NOT. The purpose of Behind-The-Wheel is to improve the student’s driving abilities as much as possible in the time allowed; how proficient they turn out to be also depends on where and how much practice they get in the family car. Upon completion of Behind-The-Wheel, students are issued a “white slip” which allows them, after turning 16 years old and completing the 6 month permit requirements, to take the road test at a state testing station.

Adult Program:

Adults (18 +) do not have the same requirements as students who are 17 years and under. You are not required to attend classroom, or take Behind-The-Wheel lessons if you do not feel it necessary. However, it is strongly encouraged to take at least Behind-The-Wheel lessons to improve driving skills and prepare for the state road test. Students who are 18 years old do not require classroom or behind-the-wheel lessons, but do need a permit for 6 months before they are allowed to take the road test. Adult students 19+ are required to hold a permit for at least 3 months before they are allowed to take the road test. If you have held a permit in another state, the time you have had that permit will count toward the 3 month waiting period. Please feel free to contact us on any questions you have on adult Behind-The-Wheel lessons.

Parent Class:

This class is offered on various dates throughout the year. For more information on this 90 minute course and to find out when the next Parent Class will take place, please call us at 952-591-0706.